Cultural Orientation Resources

At Creating A Road Home, we are huge advocates of proper cultural training so that our teams can best serve in an international context. For each of our trips, we coordinate training sessions for our participants, who either Skype in or attend in person at our headquarters in New Orleans.

One way that we prepare our teams before they go is equipping them with crucial information about the various people groups they will encounter. In order to be able to minister around the world, we train on the history of the people groups a given team would encounter. We provide training on their beliefs and customs, including religion, traditions, clothing, and family relations. One people group that is currently increasing in number in Greece are refugees from Syria.

Check out this report from the Cultural Orientation Resource Center, a group funded by the Department of State and Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration. They have gathered a profile of refugees from Syria that provides a look at their history, people, and cultures.

Cultural Orientation Resource Center on Refugees from Syria