Why go at all?

It is pretty difficult these days to watch the news or merely even log on to the internet and not see numerous articles about the refugee crisis in Europe. It’s easy to read an article online and barely internalize the staggering statistics. Heartbreaking stories are so frequent in our society, they are brushed off without another care. Actually setting eyes on this sight is another matter altogether. Even then, it is so easy to sum up the experience and state, “I am so grateful for what I have.”

If that is all that we take away from serving others, we have failed. We do not go in order to feel better about our lives. We do not go so that we can tell our friends and family back home about the poor people we were friends with for a week. There is so much more at stake than this!

Wherever it is that God has placed us, whether it is New Orleans or in Greece, we serve others first and foremost to demonstrate the love of Christ. We serve in our backyard and across the globe because we have been shown extravagant grace and we cannot help but share it with everyone we meet. We go because He loves us and because He has commanded us. Sometimes, it truly is that simple.

Pray with us as our team from New Orleans continues to process their experience in Greece during October. Pray for our upcoming trip back to Greece in November and the relationships our team seeks to deepen. Please join us in continued prayer for refugees and all those fleeing their homes due to war and persecution and most importantly, pray that they would come to know Christ and His unfathomable love.