[x_text class=”justify-text “]The geographic position of Greece has placed it at the crossroads since ancient times. Greece is uniquely situated between the continents of Europe and Asia, which provides advantages in areas such as trade routes and industry. The location of the country has also helped to shape a rather unique worldview within the culture. Yet, throughout its history, Greece has held its share of challenges including struggling economics and the constant need to defend its territory.

Many refugees enter Greece with the goal of moving along the refugee highway to other major European cities. Many keep moving, but others stay in Greece for a long period of time. The sheer number of refugees has overwhelmed the resources of Greece to provide adequate humanitarian assistance.

As Christians, we see this as a tremendous opportunity to share the Good News with people who have come from countries that are often difficult for us to reach. Furthermore, once people are reached, they take the Gospel with them as they move!

Creating A Road Home partners with a center in Athens that provides Bible studies, worship services, and training for future church leaders. The center also provides refugee assistance through hot meals, bags of groceries and hygiene items, English language lessons, job search assistance and children’s classes.

After receiving assistance at the center, many refugees are interested to hear more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.[/x_text]