Malaysia, Here We Come

It’s finally here! After months of training, preparation, and prayer, our team is finally leaving for Malaysia tomorrow morning. Once our team lands in Malaysia, they will meet up with our partner on the ground. We are so excited to work together!

Our partner has shared with us that one of the greatest struggles in Malaysia is getting people to share the Gospel with the people group he is called to serve. He explained, “There is a strong trend among local and cross-cultural workers here to do everything but share the Gospel. To put it plainly, we need more seed-sowing in Malaysia. Pray that God will bring out the first fruits that will eventually result in a great harvest.”

The work is challenging and the calling is tough. Recently, a story was shared with us about a young man, named M. M was never told what it meant to be a Christian. Our partner had the opportunity to meet this man through another short-term team that came from the States to share the Gospel in Malaysia. “We made a quick connection and friendship, which resulted in a follow-up meeting where I was able to share the Gospel with him. Although he was a devout Muslim, M told me that what I shared with him made sense for the first time. He understood that we can never pay for our sins on our own and God has to provide a way for our sins to be forgiven.”

Pray for M and his relationship with the Lord. God has called our partners in Malaysia to a place where they are able to see the very first individuals of a people group come to faith in Christ. Pray for the local church and for the new believers to be encouraged and discipled. As we share about the work of our team in Malaysia, please continue to lift them up in your prayers.