Long-Distance Relationships

One of the core values of Creating A Road Home is sustainability. We want to serve in ways that empower nationals, taking into account cross-cultural practices and fostering work that has longevity. To do this, we partner with long-term workers on the ground who are deeply connected to the culture and community in which they serve.

It is often said that long-distance relationships require an immense amount of communication, and these partnerships are no different! It is crucial that we remain connected so we can be sure that we are aligning ourselves with them in ways that are beneficial and long-lasting. We talk with them, learn from them, and pray for them and their ministry year round.  

One of our very first CARH partners came to the States recently, and we spent time with him discussing the successes we have seen as well as some ways we can strengthen our short-term teams. In an effort to be as effective as possible in our international ministry, we want to learn as much as we can from our partners, and we are proud to call many of them trusted friends.

As we look toward the fall, we are so excited to embark on new ministry opportunities and build new relationships. There is still a great deal of planning and learning ahead of us! We pray that the Lord will guide us in how to best serve our new partners, maintain our long-term relationships, and present ourselves as humble and willing servants wherever we are in the world.